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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seeds of Deception

The latest book I am reading (just finished Omnivore's Delimea yesturday) is called the Seeds of Deception by Jeffery M Smith. I am not very far into it, but it has a lot of interesting information about genetically modified organisms (GMO's). I am just recently interested in learning about this. I just couldn't believe that nearly ALL the seeds out there are genetically modified to not only make it impossible to collect seeds for use again the next year (which of course keeps you as a customer) but that they also are modified with their own pesticide built in....and that it's as if that isn't even questioned... hummm... seems fishy... I am trying to learn more... So far I have read that animals, birds, bugs etc... get sick and even die when eating the plants/fruits/vegetables grown, and that many animals if given the choice, won't eat the GMO option. Interesting.... if anyone knows any info on it they want to share, feel free to chime in! =)

Stevens Pass

We went to Stevens Pass this weekend with my family (mom, dad, older brother, his wife and child, younger brother and his girlfriend, my husband and 2 kids). BEAUTIFUL weather! Sunny, blue sky, not a breeze in the air... GORGEOUS! We skiied/snowboarded on Saturday, sledded/hiked around Friday evening and Sunday morning. The kids had a lot of fun...other than Christian who was a total wreck! (therefore, so was I at times!) It was so nice though. We stayed in this incredible cabin that belongs to some of my mom's church friends. It is this incredible community of cabins where the roads are impassable in the winter (many people had snow mobiles to get in and out) so we had to haul everything in and out about 3/4 mile each way. My mom and I went for a walk the first night we were there. It was amazing. The stars were incredible out there. There was a little more than a sliver of a moon and it made the snow sparkle like I have never seen before. It honestly made you wonder if your eyes were playing tricks or something. It was absolutely beautiful. I was horrible about taking pictures because my mom was there and she takes INCREDIBLE pictures, so why bother! I will get some from her and post some later.