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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 2...Part 1

Upper exterior windows washed,  garden pulled, strawberries dug up and garden mowed (yes, I said "mowed" that must be against some "rule"!). We put black plastic over the garden (only had enough plastic for half- the garden is much larger than I realized...
 okay... I HAVE to share the story that JUST happened... I am sitting here on the CLOSED LID toilet near the bath while the kids take a bath together and I type this entry. I see with my incredible mothering periferal (sp?) vision that Christian is standing- well, rather squatting in the bath tub. "Oh no!" I quickly set the laptop down and grab him, but it is just barely too late as I see "it" fall from his bottom. I hang him over the toilet (lid now up) as Elle (who is still in the bath) realized what just happened and is desparately trying to get out of the bath, she literally slithers out of the bath landing as a heap on the floor. She is gagging and I am telling her to "quick, just get out" so she won't throw up. Christian appears to be done on the toilet so as I am cleaning his behind, Elle keeps coming in and gagging (It's like a train wreck, she just can't help but want to watch). I barely have him clean and I am trying to dry his legs off so he won't slip on the floor, I can hear Elle gagging right outside the door and I am trying to get a towel for her, just as I get to her she starts PROJECTILE vomitting! I am throwing the towel down and giving it to her to hold to throw up in. Little do I know, as I am holding her hair back and rubbing her back- naked little Christian is pooping on the floor in 3 places behind me, walking in it and then going in to the bathroom and then to the toys (about 8 ft of distance traveled). Elle is finally undercontrol and I am asking her to go and get me wipes as I am out of toilet paper! (I couldn't make this up if I tried!) She is gagging again and there are little brown foot steps all over the bathroom and the carpet outside of it. I clean Christians bottom (and feet) off first and then proceed to clean the floor and "talk down" Elle from throwing up again. Finally the floor is, well, I'll be honest... good enough... we are getting the carpet replaced in a week (yet another thing I have to take care of) anyway (they measured for it today... we had never installed carpet yet just had remnants on the subfloor).. and the bathroom floor is clean. I put the nasty towels in the wash and am now wiping up the throw up on the carpet and Christian keeps throwing this beach ball at my face... this wet beach ball.... after three "smaks" I realize, it is COVERED in throw up! At this point, I am laughing hystarically- with puke on my face and in my hair and two naked kids terrorizing the DISASTER of a playroom (with boxes and bags and random stuff all over the place)...both in DESPARATE need of a bath, that is occupied by a "floater".... Oh my... it doesn't get any better than this! I don't even know how to continue this post with the progress of our day... I think I will have to later...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1

Packed 5 more boxes and 6 garbage bags, planted 2 cherry trees, dismantled and stored the trampoline, the hammock, and the lounge chair, moved 2 cast iron bath tubs, a pile of 2 man rocks and some lumber, found a home for Oliver for the next 18 months (thank you uncle Lee and aunt Linda!), sold 3 chickens, about 100 lbs of beef and all our cloth diapers (still pending payment). Got materials at home depot for finishing bridge over creek and snak food for Michael's drive. Helped Michael pack and get his truck fixed ($800 later...) and saw him off this evening. We got a couple hours of "family time" in before he had to leave which was nice. Not too bad... but this weekend is when we really get serious... I'm calling in the "big guns".... my family.... my parents raised incredible workers (if I do say so myself) and both brothers are coming to help and my parents and a friend as well...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For Sale

Ikea bookshelf- $15

Really solid wine cabinet $50

Solid wood rocking chair- $50

Large Flat screen TV $50

That is not a crack, just my child's hand print! It'll wipe off..

Also selling our frozen beef from our pasture raised cow.

Email me if interested. willowfarmapparel@yahoo.com

Country Mouse moves to the City

WOW! So shocking news came today... we are moving to Florida for a year and a half... Miami, Florida!! It doesn't get more different from our little farm and more further accross teh country than that! My husbands work got a HUGE job over there and so off we go! What an adventure! I can't say I have ever wanted to live in Florida, I actually hate city living, but it is SUNNY there! And after the "summer" we have had, sunshine will be wonderful. We only found this out today and my husband leaves tomorrow... so I am left to COMPLETELY move everything out of our house (that we JUST moved in to a year ago), arrange the rental of the house, button up things at our other rental, take care of my real estate deals, figure out what to do with my new T-shirt company and all that inventory, sell the chickens, sell a truck, prepare the garden to not be touched for 2 years, pack what we'll take, move our banking, utility company stuff, etc... all in just a couple weeks time and with 2 kids in tow! HA! This is actually the type of stuff I live for! I love a challenge. There is so much that goes in to moving, let alone accross country, and all the renting arrangements on top of it. At this point, I plan to be leaving on the 19th of October, driving with the kids accross country... 50+hours of driving! So I have less than 2 weeks to get it all done... we'll see...
Anyone need/want any warm clothes 18-24 month or 3-4T, let me know! I am also going to go through a lot of toys and food. Frozen beef anyone!? I also have a large TV, a wine cabinet, wooden rocking chair and book shelf I plan on selling for CHEAP. Let me know if you are interested! I am also going to try and sell all my Bum Genius 3.0 Cloth diapers as it will not be feasible for me to do those down there in the condo. I will try and upload photo's of those items soon.