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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pottery mugs

Here's the latest that I completed at the pottery class.

The glaze on this one turned out better than the shorter one. It is hard because the glaze is not the color it is going to look like after fired (not even close) and the end result varies widely on how thick you apply the glaze. I am really pleased with my large/wide handles though... I think I may be on to something there... =)

Knit Bag

Here's coming to you mom! (It'll finally get in the mail tomorrow). Super easy knit pattern I got at Canvas Works when I was home in Olympia.

I made mine with the idea for it  to be for produce at the grocery store or farmers market. The large button on this one kind of dresses it up a bit. I want to see if Ican  knit them with twine and then they will be cheap enough to make a bunch of them for fun farm bags when I get back home.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pottery Class

 I just started taking a pottery class. I LOVE it! I was able to convince them to have a class on Sunday so that I could go while Michael stays with the kids. These are the first two things that I made and glazed. I have since started on a teapot, mugs, vase and dinner plate. I see a pottery wheel in the barn in my near future...
We watched a survival DVD the other day the we got at http://www.homesteadcommunitypost.com/. It showed them digging clay from the ground, forming it into pots/cantines and then fireing it by building a fire around and on top of the pieces. We can't wait to try that when we get back to our property in Washington.