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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MORE shirts came back from printer!

Both Co-op's in Olympia, WA are going to start carrying the shirts at the end of the month.

Yummy, Tastey, Homemade treat

Flour Tortilla's buttered,sprinkled with brown sugar and Cinnamon,On cookie sheet in the oven (top rack) with the oven on Broil setting... watch it closely as it will burn FAST... I don't even close the door to the oven all the way.. it will start to bubble, the brown sugar will caramelize and the tortilla will get a little crunchy.... YUMMY! The kids love them and they are really cheap and easy and quick! Enjoy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Open Road!

Elle's new bike! She loves it! She has been riding it in the house (yes, we let her ride her bike IN the house... tisk tisk all you want...=) ) for a couple months and she was so excited to take it out to the street! She has her braking down, can stear and manouver like a champ (which I attribute to allowing her to ride inside where she has to make it around furniture, toys and her little brother). I love country roads!
Off roading on the driveway...
Last night we went to a friends house and their little girl had just gotten a new bike... not just any bike... a PRINCESS bike... complete with PINK everything, but most importantly STREAMERS off the handle bars...oooooo....aaawwwww..... We got Elle's bike thinking of Christian being able to ride it after her (man, we're cheap) and so wanted to get a boys theme bike..... let's just say, I am searching the closets for ribbons...... yes, to tie around the handle bars....to make HER bike a "princess bike"! =)

The van...

Yes... I am sad to say that I now drive a mini-van... and I am even sadder to say that it isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! It is so spacious, we just leave the back seat out and I can throw the jogging stroller or a bail of hay or inner tubes, or WHATEVER in there and we're good to go! It gets decent gas mileage, loading the kids is easy enough, and...
They LOVE to just play in it! Even Oliver and Tom (he ran before I could snap his picture, but he was sound asleep in the back- curled up in a little pile of straw that came off from the bail I hauled late last week- a whole new level of "I need to clean out the car"!) I have now started driving places 3 times only to get part way down the road and discover that not only is the dog in there, but the CAT has stowed away! Elle leaves the doors open and so everyone just makes it their home.... I better hurry to get that straw out of there or the chickens are going to come lay their eggs in there soon! =)