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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The beginning of a dream

I got Elle (let's be honest...and me) a pottery wheel ($25 at WalMart). I have been wanting desparately to learn how to use a pottery wheel for years and years and hope to some day have a set up in our barn for a wheel, but in the mean time this will have to suffice.

Elle LOVED it. We were a total mess, which of course is always fun, and she was pretty good at it. (A little heavy on the water...)

We made this as a toothbrush holder for her bathroom.... she accidently broke it the next day...

Here's what the box looks like if you're interested. (again, I think it was $25 at WalMart...doesn't come with batteries though). I will say, the end product can't hold water though... so although they show a vase and a mug and plant pot... don't plan to make those if you want to use water in them. =)

Pinecrest Gardens

The kids and I went to check out this place about 35 minutes from where we live. It is BEAUTIFUL. All of the house plants I see sold in stores in WA.... are here, growing in magnificant splendor; making the ones back home look like they are barely surviving.

This is "Swan Lake". Amazing right?

Look at that swan! If someone would have asked me if I had seen a swan before I would have said "yes" with an "of couse" attitude. But after seeing this.... I realize... I couldn't possibly have ever seen one before... I would have remembered how HUGE they are! Just miraculous.


This was their "petting zoo". I was a little disappointed in this aspect to say the least... but the pigs that were there were super cute and the kids enjoyed seeing them. I can't wait to get pigs on our farm. I have been researching ones that are really good with kids and how to care for them so they don't stink. Yummy bacon!

Those are turtels behind the swan...


Here's my little man. It's not the greatest nickname, but somehow "bug" has really stuck. I called him "my bug-a-boo" early on and that resulted in "bug"... I love it. I love him.

Little One

In keeping with my daughter's ability to give our animals Indian names (remember the chicken's named "yellow on top of his head" and "broken bill"?) She changed "Betty" to "Little One". She is a really good hamster, hasn't bit anyone yet, in spite of the less than perfect affection my 2 little ones (pun intended) give her. Christian puts his toys in her cage and trys to tickle her, Elle pretends she's a baby and also enjoys how funny it is when you hold her upright like a person would stand and watches as her little legs and feet try desparately to touch the table which makes her look like she's running in place. It is so nice to have an animal around her. I really miss having animals. I am spending much of my time here reading up on and making plans for when we get back and how to really make a go with our small farm. I can't wait! =)


Yikes, it has been a while since a post! New camera batteries are in and I can now download my photo's of what we've done the last couple weeks.  Elle and I assmbled this birdhouse (I felt like a fraud... I would have never considered buying a KIT before...but no saw or scrap lumber here in our condo...) She had so much fun and we talked and planned where we would put it when we got back to the farm and what kind of a bird she thought might make it their home. The kit was $10 at WalMart if anyone is interested...