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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pinecrest Gardens

The kids and I went to check out this place about 35 minutes from where we live. It is BEAUTIFUL. All of the house plants I see sold in stores in WA.... are here, growing in magnificant splendor; making the ones back home look like they are barely surviving.

This is "Swan Lake". Amazing right?

Look at that swan! If someone would have asked me if I had seen a swan before I would have said "yes" with an "of couse" attitude. But after seeing this.... I realize... I couldn't possibly have ever seen one before... I would have remembered how HUGE they are! Just miraculous.


This was their "petting zoo". I was a little disappointed in this aspect to say the least... but the pigs that were there were super cute and the kids enjoyed seeing them. I can't wait to get pigs on our farm. I have been researching ones that are really good with kids and how to care for them so they don't stink. Yummy bacon!

Those are turtels behind the swan...

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  1. We'll have to talk when you get back.... our two are doing great (almost time for... um... ya know). With the amount of room we've given them and their stall in the barn, they don't stink at all. In fact, the chickens smell worse than the pigs!