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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yummy Frozen Yogurt Bites!

I found this idea on pinterest.com (how did I only discover that site a month ago!?-amazing ideas on there!) Theirs didn't have sprinkles, but I figured that would be a good addition and of course my kids love to spinkle. =)
Take yogurt and scoop some in a sandwich bag (or any bag) and cut a SMALL hole in the corner. Sqeeze out the drops like you would frost a cake with a frosting bag. Then we sprinkled sprinkles on them and put the tray in the freezor. After a few hours they are frozen and we scrap them off and they are yummy little frozen treats!

This was the first batch we did. The hole in the bag was too big and Elle was the one squeezeing these drops.

Of course there are many variations one could do... maybe a chocolate chip on each, maybe a slice of strawberry, or a blueberry, or blackberry... yum, I think I'll go try those.... =)