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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clothes Line

I LOVE my new clothes line! Nothing beats the smell of line dried laundry, especially sheets! Because our washer is on the 2nd floor I wanted to have a clothes line up here too, so I had this idea to string it from our master bedroom porch to a tree on a pully system. I found everything I needed at Home Depot for about $15 (I got a plastic line so I can just clean it rather than having to pull a cotton one down each winter to put back up in the spring). My dad and I hung it today and I just had to do a load of laundry to test it out! (Not to mention, it is a BEAUTIFUL sunny March day!)

Play-Doh People

Here's Chloe's Play-Doh person!
Here's Ezra's!

And here's Elle's! She had so much fun with her cousins!

I made Elle pants!

I was sewing curtains for our bedroom today and Elle was playing and I had some pink fabric in the pile and decided to see if I could wing some pants for here. She wanted the frills on the bottom. I made them too short (they came to the middle of her butt!) so I added the top white peice so they'd pull all the way up. She LOVED them... They didn't last long though! They were too small, she couldn't even walk up the stairs they were so tight! But she insisted on wearing them and within the hour they were ripped! Hahaha...oh well.... not too bad for my first shot! =) It was fun to see how much she liked them though... I will try again with some measuring and take more than 10 minutes and maybe they'll last longer than 2 hours!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Latest "Nanarotsey" pictures!

Sledding at Cabin near Stevens Pass...
Do you see the big dipper!?

Aren't these AMAZING?! My mom is SUCH an incredible photographer! What a beautiful night.