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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pants Repair

Elle is loving sewing! She is trying to mend all our clothes now! Here she is working on a hole in the knee of her pants.

Michael came home with a huge rip in his work jeans the other night and she was so quick to say that she could fix it! She totally feels her "skills" are needed and it is so cute to watch her take it so seriously. =)
I made myself a skirt the other day and now she wants to make herself one. She picked out fabric yesturday and is "designing" it right now...adorable...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elle's first blanket

Elle has a blanket tha my friend Jacque (thank you Jacque!) made for her when she was a baby. It is really silky material on one side and this incredible soft material on the other side. (We call it her "silky) She loves this blanket...and Christian came to love it too... A LOT... and it became a bit of a squabble builder for them. And then Elle had the idea (that somehow totally passed me by-of course) that she could make one for him, so he'd have her own and not have to have hers. So we went to JoAnn Fabrics and SHE picked out the fabric and then SHE sewed it! (I cut it out and helped guide the fabric and made the little mushroom that she sewed on.) She was so proud of herself and Christian LOVES it! He is so happy to have his own "silky"!

Elle wanted a picture of both of them with their silky's but he kept wanting to run around... what he does when he is happy with what you gave him.... sort of like that culture that burps after a meal to show appreciation to the chef...

Ii just couldn't get a good shot of them both... but believe me... they were super cute! =)

Somehow she just knew...

Now, I must say, we have NEVER taped either of our children's mouths before. I have fond memories as a child having my mouth duct tapped (well deserved) but we have not yet done that with our kids....and yet, she figured it out all on her own! Pretty thorough job too...