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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kiddie Pool in March!?

Elle "helped" Michael change his brake pads on his truck. While he worked on the truck, she sat in his tire fixing "her boat". She was COVERED in grime and grease from the tire and the bolts. It was a pretty warm day (65 degrees) and we have warm water on our outdoor spikets, so I got out the pool and let her go for it! She had so much fun! I tried to capture the steam coming off the water, but it didn't show in any pictures.

The Princess and the Farmer

I came out from putting laundry away and here they are... Elle says "Look mama, (pointing to Christian) he's the princess, and (pointing to herself) I am the farmer!"
Poor guy.... I am sure this one will make it into some meet and greet with a future girl friend! At least it was a BLUE tu-tu and not the pink one! =)

The Heron's Back!

don't mind the fence post! I took these from up in the kid's room. He was in our front creek. Elle watched him for about 20 minutes before he finally took off. How fun!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

An old box

I found this old box down by the barn that the previous owners left, probably an old feed box... anyway, I filled it will dirt and have planted carrots, radishes and spinich in it. The dirt mound in front now has a bunch of strawberry plants in it, with daliah's off to the side.. (gee.... sounds like it'll make a MUCH better picture in a couple months!) I really wanted to keep up on my gardening reports for a few friends that are following this blog to see when I plant what (although, I really don't know what I am doing, they seem to believe otherwise! =) ). Yesturday I finally was able to finish completely blocking off the garden area so the chickens can't get in... they really do a number on seeds, seedlings and well... all the yummy plants! So I planted peas to grow up the contraption I made (see "branches and twine" post).  I have started seed starts inside of brocolli, cauliflower, basil, 4 different types of tomatoes, mini bell peppers, halipenios (sp?), cantelope (we'll see if that ever takes..), cabbage, lavender and thyme. So far all but the cantelope and peppers have sprouted. Elle really enjoys helping me spray them with the squirt bottle a couple times a day and she often tells them "good night" before going to bed.

Scratch and Peck

The chickens LOVE their new food! I have seriously NEVER seen them go after it like this before! The website is linked under "sites I love"... excellent, local, organic, GMO and soy free food. I am SO HAPPY I found this contact. The food actually looks like... well, FOOD! (The commercial pellets look like...well, pellets!) We have 13 full grown chickens roaming our yard/pasture, (The 27 chicks will soon be joining them if this warm spring continues!) it is so relaxing to see them out there, they look so pretty this time of year, plumped up from the additional scratch in the winter to keep them warm, and no molting going on... ahhhhh, the farm life...

Blue Heron

Not the greatest photo... I couldn't get my camera adjusted quick enough... Elle was by my side squealing with delight to see the Heron so close, she quickly scared it away...Not to mention, my camera battery died...It really is a magnificant bird. It is incredible to see it take flight. I'm not certain if it's this same bird, but we frequently have a heron in our back pond area and the small pond in the creek as well. HUGE bird!

"Do you want an UNDERDOG!?"

Christian LOVED being pushed in the swing by his big sister! It is so fun to see them play together, I can't wait until he can RUN! =)