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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dance

Oliver is not as excited about the dance as Elle.

"remember life before kids?"

Elle lost her 3rd tooth! (notice all her "bling"!)

No words necessary

Farm critters everywhere

One more week! Yum Yum!

Tom, (cat) don't forget he's family! =)

Rabbit and chickens- it's not even Easter!

Oops... well... close enough to a critter...

See, he wears shirts every now and then...

Even pants!

What a big boy... It is not often that he stands still long enough to get a photo- so I have to post this one to document what he looks like not blurry or naked. =)

Love that little man! He's my little monkey- my favorite critter. =)

Kid's Play

These are the "puppy cages" One of my kids favorite games is to play puppy. One of the nice things about being back up in our house is to have the space to make forts and still have room to walk in the room. =)

Yet another bonas to having a lot of space inside! I know, I know, the kid never has clothes on! I have to choose my battles and that is just not one I care enough about yet. ha! =)