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Friday, September 16, 2011

homemade cast iron tub round curtain rod

So, I knew that a circular shower curtain rod was more expensive than a regular shower rod, but I thought maybe $50 or something and it would still make it worth the savings to have used the cast iron tub I already had (sitting out in the pasture)... but I called the only plumbing place in town that I could find that carried them and the sales lady informed me that the most economic one started at $150!!! "But it is real nice quality, not cheesey or cheaply made." Were her words to try and revive me after I stopped breathing upon hearing "$150".... I carefully picked my chin up off the floor and told her "thank you" and "I'll have to get back to her"... and decided to figure out another way to get something to hang a few shower curtains on.
So... I went to Home Depot (where they actually know me... and my kids.... by name!) and got 2 electrical conduit rods. I brought them back, measured and bent them into the size needed to over fit the tub size and taped the joints together with duct tape (actuall duct tape...used for heat ducts... I had some left from installing the vent for the bathroom fan.. it is more rigid than the other tape.) I put 4 screws in the ceiling where the corners would go and tied ribbon around the rod at the corners and twisted them around the screws to hang the rod.... And woo-la! $6 shower rod that quite frankly I think looks pretty good! Although I will NOT be "selling" it as "real nice quality, not cheesey or cheaply made".... but for $6... and it is FUNCTIONAL... ( THAT is what is suppose to matter... right??) I'd say it's a great deal. =)