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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Come see me at the fair!!

At the VERY last second we decided to have a booth at the THURSTON COUNTY FAIR! I will be located in the Lake Building.... come say hello, bring your friends, tell me what you think of my booth- come buy a shirt! =)

(click on "thurston county fair" above to open that website for days/hours and info on the fair)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Swing Swing Swing!

Yes, we put a swing IN our house! It'll be perfect for the winter, and certainly enjoyed in the mean time!

Notice Christian walking in the background! He is TOTALLY walking now... just today it became "real" he now walks more than he crawls! YEY! He is SO happy! He is already trying to run... silly boy... it won't be long!

Bed on the Porch=SUMMER

It is officially summer! We have moved a bed out onto the porch, it is so nice to sleep in the fresh air, with the moon and stars! Elle has been loving it! (These pictures are not very good, anyone have pointers for taking photo's in the dark?)

Summer has arrived!

Woodard Bay is BEAUTIFUL.. A nice walking path that leads to the beach where you can hear seals barking out on a dock, there's a nice picnic area, plenty of rocks to throw and a nice grassy area.
Notice Elle's Christmas dress! I let her dress herself, here's what she chose for her day at the beach! =)My friends kids, SO CUTE! Elle was trying to walk down to the beach after our picinic lunch and I could tell she was scared, I asked her what was wrong and she was looking at the grass, she said she saw something, maybe a rabbit... and then Owen says "I see a seal!" he is looking up on the beach and his mom and I are thinking "oh great, there's a dead seal on the beach"... he is pointing and we keep looking for this "seal"... as we get closer, UP POPS A WEASEL! I had never seen one in person, but wow they are interesting little creatures. Some "seal"! =)