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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The latest editions to the farm

"Cuddly" and "Jumpy". (Named by Elle) These are angora cross bunnies and are SO soft and fluffy! They are just 7 weeks old. -No, they are not for meat... just entertainment for the kids! They have a cozy little home in the once chicken house, now turned pottery studio.

Homemade wrapping paper

Grammie got Elle these great stamp pads and Elle got to work making our wrapping paper for Christmas. Such a fun way to make a project out of something we need anyway.

Christmas cookies

Friends came over to decorate Christmas cookies!

They sure know how to make them! I think they must have been an inch high with yummies!

Playing in the snow!

 We didn't wait for the snow to come to us, we went to it. Up in the Olympics, we found plenty.

It was beautiful. I love snow.

Cousin Elena

Uncle Jeff

The kids warming up in the back of the van- thankfully the back seat of the van is still in Miami, so there was plenty of room! =)

And I had to just throw this one in there... deer in the head lights?

Thanksgiving in CA

The kids and I drove down to California for Thanksgiving, Michael flew there to meet us from Miami. We stayed with our friends Aaron and Emmy and their two kids. It was SO fun! We haven't seen them in a long time and it was great to catch up.

The kids loved each other and got a long really well, 4 kids were WAY easier than 2! They all entertained each other the whole time and it actually felt like we didn't even have kids!

We went to Lake Tahoe for the day. It was BEAUTIFUL there. Such an incredible place.

The kids were real troopers for yet ANOTHER road trip... =) They are well traveled if nothing else.