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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Michael's Job Site

 It was a slow day at the job site today as majority of the guys have flown home for Christmas. So we went to visit Michael (and take him his boots) and the kids got to walk around a bit.

Apparently this job site is the lost treasure of Miami. The kids were SO happy. DIRT!!! DIRT, DIRT, DIRT!!! They got to play in the dirt! Christian especially enjoyed it. He is such a boys boy and just LOVES the dirt. They could have played there for hours happily. (which for them is a life time.)

Look at the size of that drill in the back ground!

A pig snort for the mud! =)

Yes, she is wearing ballet slippers...She wanted to look pretty to go see dada.

This area under the drill quickly became a "kitchen" for Elle and a dirt bath for Christian...

Even the cones are huge here.

Rocks! YEY! Rocks are so dear to this boy.

"oh rock, how I have missed you."

It was so fun to get to see them play in the dirt. I miss the dirt too... maybe I'll go buy a bag of it and spread it on our "veranda" for mud pies.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some of my favorites from the Miami Zoo

Animals at Miami Zoo


Elle said: "Wow! Mama, did you see that big butt over there? Look at that big butt!" It's what we were all thinking...

Now THERE is a pouty lip

Kangaroo and Joey (baby kangaroo)

Lindsey and her boys. What a good mama.

Lunch break. Christian sat himself as "one of the boys".

Hiena (sp?)

I'm in love... what an incredible animal.

Feeding Giraffs at Miami Zoo

 Lettuce... they are feeding them lettuce... Their tongues are SO long... Elle was so brave. She has come a long way from covering her eyes and borrowing in to me when she sees an animal she has never encountered before.