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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Miami Zoo

We went to the Miami Zoo today with Lindsey and her boys. What an INCREDIBLE zoo! There were SO many animals there. What I liked the best was that you were able to be so close to the animals. They were on level ground without high fences that we (kids included) couldn't see through. Instead they dug canyons around the perimeter and that way you could be eye to eye (so to speak) with the animals and see them so well. It was an incredible difference from any other zoo I have been to.

Black bear (I believe from India?) Elle and Sammy

I love this tree... they are everywhere here, and they are incredible looking.

Christian taking a break. He walked nearly the whole time (5 hours!) today- just running along playing with the boys. Lindsey's boys (especially Joey) are SO good with him. It was fun for him to get to be "one of the boys".

My little jaguar, Elle


Isn't that a serious looking frog?

More on next post.

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