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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Newest member of the farm

Here's Charolette. She is about a month old.

Within seconds of placing her in the pool, Elle ran to get her duckies from the bath toy box and put them in with her so "she wouldn't be lonely".


Potholes State Park

LOVE LOVE LOVE this park! So fun for the kids. Big park, river to play in/float, fire pit, lake to ski and tube on, sand pit to play in, paths to explore, and very best of all we go with just the most incredible families that have the sweetest and adventuresome kids and such grounded parents! Very fun.

Canning Peaches

Came back from Eastern WA with a box of Peaches. I have never canned them before, Elle loves canned peaches, so it was fun to learn. We'll see how they taste a few months from now! (Still enjoying fresh ones while they are available).

What's up Doc!?

My son is a VERY picky eater. It is a massive battle that quite honestly, I have not fully gone into yet. I have so many other battles I choose to fight with him that as long as he is still growing well and such, (which he is) than I am just not going to worry about it until I get his other "issues" figured out. But, one of the things he LOVES is carrots... particularly dirty carrots fresh from the garden! He worked on eating this one all afternoon.