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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Little Pony!

My mom's friend's horses just had babies! SO cute!These ones weren't quite as friendly... mama horse was SUPER protective....I understand completly.... The end...

A Look at Heaven

Play Doh Picinic!

Elle made us a play doh picinic! It was so fun! A great way to pass these rainy days! It almost looks good enought to eat doesn't it!?

11 days in $7 to go!

Ha Ha Ha.... It is only 11 days into the month and we have $7, that's right, SEVEN dollars left of our $100 for the month! But I am loving it! It is instilling such a great appreciation in my heart for what I do have... for example... did you know apples are more than $1 each!? There will not be a SINGLE one from our dozen trees that will hit the ground and stay there this year! Every SINGLE one will be made into something! Apple sauce, pie filling, slices to cook with, or eaten whole! The other thing that is a bit humerous to my heart (and will be to anyone who knows me as well...) is my shock at the cost of somethings and my hesitation to buy them.... like apples.... $1 an apple.... how is that outrageous when I can drop $1 on a candy bar without even thinking about it and that candy bar does NOTHING for my nutritional intake and actually only has negative consequences... ie: makes my clothes shrink!
Point being.... it is really fun to HAVE to be creative with what we're eating and we may be eating mostly meat and potatoes and beans and rice, but I have no doubt it is good for us!
I also have to laugh that I spent $198 on chicken food a couple days ago! (That will probably only last about 5 weeks!) The chickens get nearly twice our food budget! =) Happy chickens lay excellent eggs!