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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dinning Room Table

Our dinning room table was ruined in storage when we were in Miami. It was beyond repair, so I started to look for another one. We had been given the other one and I hadn't realized how expensive large tables in my style cost! So I decided I would try my hand at building ours myself. I've been asked by a few people now to put pictures on the blog... so here they are... I really like how it turned out, and was very pleased with the cost. =)

Fall Party 2012!

Such a beautiful fall day- perfect weather, wonderful guests, very fun memories!

Candy hunt in the straw

Targets for apple sling shot

I love it when people make themselves at home... =) Sleepy sister in law

Kids free to be kids

Just some of the amazing picture frames the kids painted to take with them

maybe someday we'll have a real pony for them to ride. =)

Pressing cider

I failed to get photo's of Levi's (cousin) amazing self made bow which he used to try and shoot apples out of the air! AMAZING!  Not to mention, all of the incredible food everyone brought, and the kids going in and trying to pet the sheep... Thank you to all who made the effort to come out and enjoy this day with us- we had a blast!

Cider Press

We got a cider press! I have been wanting on of these for years! So fun for all ages. We have made about 30 gallons so far, all from apples from neighbors trees that would have otherwise just been wasted on the ground. Some of these pictures were taken at our fall party- very fun. The hogs, chickens and sheep all love to eat the pulp that is left so none is wasted. All that sugar sweet fruit helps fatten up the critters (and humans) for the winter.

Ben and Charolett...ahem.... bacon and sausage...

We ran out of bacon.... so we got these... =) They are SO cute! I am glad they are ugly when they are older... that'll make the whole "bacon" thing much easier. =) We still have one 1/2 available and one 1/4. $5/lb hanging weight (somewhere around 80-110lbs for whole??) plus cut and wrap paid to butcher. (about 55 cents/pound... depends on how much you want smoked). We need $100 deposit for 1/2 $50 for a 1/4 (helps cushion our high feed costs).  Email if interested. They are being raised on pasture, with access to wooded area to root for bugs/grubs, being fed apple pulp from cider press, corn from garden, pumpkins and some food scraps as well as store bought hog feed.