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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ben and Charolett...ahem.... bacon and sausage...

We ran out of bacon.... so we got these... =) They are SO cute! I am glad they are ugly when they are older... that'll make the whole "bacon" thing much easier. =) We still have one 1/2 available and one 1/4. $5/lb hanging weight (somewhere around 80-110lbs for whole??) plus cut and wrap paid to butcher. (about 55 cents/pound... depends on how much you want smoked). We need $100 deposit for 1/2 $50 for a 1/4 (helps cushion our high feed costs).  Email if interested. They are being raised on pasture, with access to wooded area to root for bugs/grubs, being fed apple pulp from cider press, corn from garden, pumpkins and some food scraps as well as store bought hog feed.

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