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Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the world of "But Because Why"

In the world of "But Because Why" Elle is Queen....

Mama: "Elle, put your shoes on, so we can go outside."
Elle: "But because why?"

Mama: "Elle, people are coming over, put clothes on."
Elle: "But because why?"

Mama: "Elle, don't carry the cat by his tail."
Elle: "But because why?"

Mama: "Elle, don't step on brother."
Elle: "But because why?"

Mama: "These new chicks are going to be different than your chicks. Your chicks are for laying eggs, these ones we are going to raise and eat for meat."
Elle: "Oh, and then we'll get new ones?"


Happy Easter!

Elle was the egg hunting QUEEN! She loved hiding and finding eggs! It was great, we never mentioned they are "suppose to" have candy in them, and she never asked! =)

Are you sick of seeing him yet?

We're not! Here's the heron again! We now see him almost daily somewhere on the property.


One of our tenants moved out and left us with her rabbit, Maddy.... we took her up to the pasture behind our house and let her run free... only for a bit.... before returning her to her cage....we were hoping to entise the brown wild rabbit to come out of it's hole to meet her, but alas, he was no where to be found...
(What a goofy grin!) You can hardely tell in the photo, but note my daughters outfit... her shirt is on backward and inside out, she is wearing shorts that are too smal over pants that are too small and snow boots! Well, at least she can dress herself!!!..... or can she?....

Where is Papa?

Ladies and gentelmen, this was not a staged photo.... this really is what you get when you try and lay down in this household....

THERE's PAPA! =) (maybe a little too cheesey?... oh well....)

Going to the chapel...

Michael's cousin Jessie got married Easter weekend! What a beautiful wedding, up north at an old dairy farm. The old milking barn was incredibly re-done, gorgeous views, wonderfully decorated and touching service performed by her father. The kids had so much fun on the dance floor. The joy of children...perfectly fitting for an entry about marriage...

Congrats to Jessie and Christian, may you have the joy of children in your lives together. You are so loved.