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Friday, June 15, 2012

Building stairs in the barn

We are moving back up to the main house! (7 months sooner than planned) Early July we will be back in the house... which means... we need to finish some things up in the barn to have it ready to rent out! (already have a tenant lined up) Elle was really sick this week with a stomach bug, and this was the first project she has been up for doing all week. She loved hammering the nails. She sincerely set the nails and hammered them in all by herself- at least 30 of them! (the steps are cedar from our milled cedar we had done last year). She was so cute, so happy to work. She said "doing family projects is my favorite thing to do". And as always, she is wearing a dress for the project and Christian is mostly naked. HA! =) Christian was in charge of getting her nails and sitting on the steps to hold them down while I pre-drilled the holes. They turned out perfect. I was super impressed Michael got the risers just right since the floor isn't level and the beam they attach to isn't level so they both had to be at a unique angle.

Shoemaker Music Camp

 Michael's mom (AKA "Grammie") put on a music camp this week with the cousins. So sweet, the kids loved it. Victoria (Michael'sister) gave all the kids private lessons, the played games, sang songs, made T'shirts, enjoyed food together and played on the beach. It was truly an incredible time for the kids.

These are their shirts, they did puff paint on them.