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Saturday, September 18, 2010


4 balloons: $4
Flour and water and newspaper: $1.50
Tissue paper: free recycled from gift wrap
Finger Paint: $1.50
Dipping newspaper in mixture piece by piece and placing on balloon: 2 hours
Waiting for balloons to dry: 90 hours
Cleaning the paper mashe mixture off the dining room table: 8 hours
Cleaning the bowl, towel and floor of the paper mache mixture: 3 hours
Cleaning the "washable" paint off the dishes, the floor the table, Elle's hands, face and clothes: 7 hours
Helping my little girl make the pinatas for the party...priceless...

First Annual Fall Party!

I realize technically it is still Summer, but it sure feels like Fall...late Fall as a mater of fact! The party was a huge success (if I do say so myself)! It appeared everyone had a great time. There was a rope swing into a pile of hay...
Oliver enjoying the straw as well.
There was a sling shot with a target and apples to fling...
the best target was when Michael stood out there... should have worn a helmet...oops... =)
There were special mugs for the kids to decorate with special markers that make it so it won't wash off and they could take them home and use them.
And a homemade piniata (or as Elle says "perona")...
This is everyone picking up the candy, more photo's of the homemade contraption on my next post. =)
Lots of food was enjoyed...

Michael's cheesey smile while working the BBQ

Our friend, John, made up the most incredible Shantrel mushrooms that he picked
Colton enjoying Lattins Country Cider Mill Apple Cider... YUMM!
And then there was bobing for apples in the bath tub...
And most importanly, great friends and family to share it all with!
Thanks so much everyone for celebrateing with us! Come again next year! =) I'll post more photo's as I get them from my mom who was able to take many more photo's than I today.

Friday, September 17, 2010

6 wings, 1 leg and flies

Elle and I were playing this game that I made up one day... I say for example: "what is a vegetable that is orange with a green top and grows in the gound?" (the answer is carrot. ;) ) and she tries to answer me. This is a great game for in the car, waiting places or anytime I need to keep her entertained, because she loves it. I try and give two pretty obvious clues and one that is a maybe something she didn't know already so she learns something new, but also feels sucessful to be able to guess the right answer on her first or second try. So we were playing it in the car today while running earonds (sp?) and she said she wanted to try... so she asked "what has 6 wings, 1 leg and flies?" and I laughed and said "a Kentucky Fried Chicken!" (ha! aren't I clever!?)  and she said, "no....it's a tough one." so I said..."hmmmm... I'm not sure... what is it?" and she said with great emphasis, "it a 'TOUGH ONE'!". =) Ha! She was describing what she thought would be a "tough one". =) Love that girl...