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Friday, September 17, 2010

6 wings, 1 leg and flies

Elle and I were playing this game that I made up one day... I say for example: "what is a vegetable that is orange with a green top and grows in the gound?" (the answer is carrot. ;) ) and she tries to answer me. This is a great game for in the car, waiting places or anytime I need to keep her entertained, because she loves it. I try and give two pretty obvious clues and one that is a maybe something she didn't know already so she learns something new, but also feels sucessful to be able to guess the right answer on her first or second try. So we were playing it in the car today while running earonds (sp?) and she said she wanted to try... so she asked "what has 6 wings, 1 leg and flies?" and I laughed and said "a Kentucky Fried Chicken!" (ha! aren't I clever!?)  and she said, "no....it's a tough one." so I said..."hmmmm... I'm not sure... what is it?" and she said with great emphasis, "it a 'TOUGH ONE'!". =) Ha! She was describing what she thought would be a "tough one". =) Love that girl...

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