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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's "Officially" Summer!!

We had SUCH a wonderful time being home for a couple weeks! It was so different than our time home in January. Michael got to be there for part of it, which was amazing, and we were just on the go the whole time. This post has a LOT of photo's, but we had so much fun and I just wanted to share the photo's  (which I need to put on a disk- with others I didn't post here- and give to the other families here).

Such a beautiful place up near the Skok River. We "hiked" (aka walked with kids) in about a mile to this spot. It was a perfect distance for the kids. They kept their enthusiasm and energy the whole way with no fussing.

Here they are frog hunting!

Success! They were actually EVERYWHERE... so many frogs.

Another frog!

Love this shot- such a happy mama and son.

My kids kept talking about what a "happy baby" Lilly was. "She doesn't whine like Christian always did", Elle kept saying. =) True, she was seriously SUCH a happy baby the whole time.

The boys.

Jumping kids!

We have named Christian our "rock relocator." He loves throwing rocks.

Tree climbers.

Roasting hot dogs.

Hank (one of the dads), hid a bag of gummy worms in the sand under a rock and helped the kids "find them" and dig them up. So cute!


Such a beautiful river.

The girls had so much fun playing in the mud. They were "stuck" in sinking mud (up to their mid-shins). Elle  particularly loved it- I still hear about it.

A day of catching frogs, climbing trees, playing in the river, squishing in mud, roasting hot dogs on an open fire and throwing rocks.... what could be better for a group of kids?! It wasn't all that bad for the parents either... =)

Kids with kids!

Our tenants got baby dwarf goats (baby goats are called "kids")! They are ADORABLE! They are keeping them in the chicken house/yard. The kids LOVE them. They are perfect for the children. They are sturdy enough that the kids can't hurt them and they don't have claws, or bite or hurt the kids. It is perfect, just put the kids in with them and they have a blast and are entertained!

Wow, there's a shot!

Christian immediately just started acted like one of them... climbing on things, jumping, etc... too cute!

They are still being bottle fed and they let us feed them a few times. So sweet. They are such interacting and playful goats. When she weeds they will come up and climb up on her back and jump off. Michael was sharpening his chainsaw and was bent down and one climbed up on him and just stood there for a bit. What fun little blackberry removers! Who would want a weedwacker?!