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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kids with kids!

Our tenants got baby dwarf goats (baby goats are called "kids")! They are ADORABLE! They are keeping them in the chicken house/yard. The kids LOVE them. They are perfect for the children. They are sturdy enough that the kids can't hurt them and they don't have claws, or bite or hurt the kids. It is perfect, just put the kids in with them and they have a blast and are entertained!

Wow, there's a shot!

Christian immediately just started acted like one of them... climbing on things, jumping, etc... too cute!

They are still being bottle fed and they let us feed them a few times. So sweet. They are such interacting and playful goats. When she weeds they will come up and climb up on her back and jump off. Michael was sharpening his chainsaw and was bent down and one climbed up on him and just stood there for a bit. What fun little blackberry removers! Who would want a weedwacker?!

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