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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ba ba black sheep

Here's our ram

here's our lamb

here's our flock

I may knit a sock

pumpkins without a carving knife...

Elle wanted to carve a sugar pumpkin... I coudn't find out carving knife, so a typical face carving couldn't be performed, so instead we gutted it and took a drill with different size bits to it and it turned out kind of fun!

When you hold it up and turn around- it looks like a great disco ball! =)

More Rabbits

Christian is in love. He holds them, rocks them, sings to them and is always happy to see them.

My grandpa gave us his old horse trailer and since cow prices are through the roof this fall, we are waiting until spring to get any calfs and in the mean time, the trailer has become home to 4 bunny rabbits that were given to us from an old high school friend. These are for pets, (not meat) and will be set free to roam the property with our other "free range" rabbit in the spring.

 In the mean time, they are loved on daily... sometimes to their dismay... and the trailer is an amazing babysitter! =) I planted three fruit trees on the hillside just by the trailer, with Christian shut in with the rabbits. I could hear him singing to them the whole time and laughing, it was so cute!

Large Black Hogs

I have to say, so far, these pigs are my favorite farm animal...

And they were the ones I was the most leary about getting. There is so much talk about how aggressive pigs can be, what escape artists they are, etc.. but so far... They are quiet, they are content to lay around and relax and they are always super grateful for their food and water.

We have them in a large area so they can graze on pasture and grubs and root around as they please. I think this is why we are not experianceing the issues we were warned of...

Free range chickens

I love having a creek. I love not having to fill up a waterer for the chickens...

They just drink from the creek...

Fancy that...

My little workers

Here's Elle SCRUBBING her little table. It had so much paint on it from the fall party. I caught sight of her working at cleaning it out the window...

Christian is hammering away at a decorated pumpkin...

Elle scrubs and scrubs...

And scrubs..

He's checking the integrity of the hammer... ;)

I love that my kids have farm chores... and so do they!

And here they are having a bath after the long day! Ha! We gave dada a special foot rub in the tub of hot soapy water, while he relaxed on the couch and then that turned in to the kids wanting to have their bath in that tub downstairs... It is so funny what kids think is exciting.... 'oooo... a bath, in a tub we can hardely fit in, down in a big open room, with none of our bathtoys or cushy bathmat.... oooo..... how exciting!' =)