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Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Rabbits

Christian is in love. He holds them, rocks them, sings to them and is always happy to see them.

My grandpa gave us his old horse trailer and since cow prices are through the roof this fall, we are waiting until spring to get any calfs and in the mean time, the trailer has become home to 4 bunny rabbits that were given to us from an old high school friend. These are for pets, (not meat) and will be set free to roam the property with our other "free range" rabbit in the spring.

 In the mean time, they are loved on daily... sometimes to their dismay... and the trailer is an amazing babysitter! =) I planted three fruit trees on the hillside just by the trailer, with Christian shut in with the rabbits. I could hear him singing to them the whole time and laughing, it was so cute!

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