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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My little workers

Here's Elle SCRUBBING her little table. It had so much paint on it from the fall party. I caught sight of her working at cleaning it out the window...

Christian is hammering away at a decorated pumpkin...

Elle scrubs and scrubs...

And scrubs..

He's checking the integrity of the hammer... ;)

I love that my kids have farm chores... and so do they!

And here they are having a bath after the long day! Ha! We gave dada a special foot rub in the tub of hot soapy water, while he relaxed on the couch and then that turned in to the kids wanting to have their bath in that tub downstairs... It is so funny what kids think is exciting.... 'oooo... a bath, in a tub we can hardely fit in, down in a big open room, with none of our bathtoys or cushy bathmat.... oooo..... how exciting!' =)

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