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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little One

In keeping with my daughter's ability to give our animals Indian names (remember the chicken's named "yellow on top of his head" and "broken bill"?) She changed "Betty" to "Little One". She is a really good hamster, hasn't bit anyone yet, in spite of the less than perfect affection my 2 little ones (pun intended) give her. Christian puts his toys in her cage and trys to tickle her, Elle pretends she's a baby and also enjoys how funny it is when you hold her upright like a person would stand and watches as her little legs and feet try desparately to touch the table which makes her look like she's running in place. It is so nice to have an animal around her. I really miss having animals. I am spending much of my time here reading up on and making plans for when we get back and how to really make a go with our small farm. I can't wait! =)

1 comment:

  1. my little brother got a rat for his 4th birthday. originally he named it dale (after dale ernhardt sr the nascar driver). One day I came home from school and he ran up to me with his rat in his hand and excitedly exclaimed "his name is squeaks (then he squeezed the poor little guy), because he squeaks when you squeeze him!"