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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The beginning of a dream

I got Elle (let's be honest...and me) a pottery wheel ($25 at WalMart). I have been wanting desparately to learn how to use a pottery wheel for years and years and hope to some day have a set up in our barn for a wheel, but in the mean time this will have to suffice.

Elle LOVED it. We were a total mess, which of course is always fun, and she was pretty good at it. (A little heavy on the water...)

We made this as a toothbrush holder for her bathroom.... she accidently broke it the next day...

Here's what the box looks like if you're interested. (again, I think it was $25 at WalMart...doesn't come with batteries though). I will say, the end product can't hold water though... so although they show a vase and a mug and plant pot... don't plan to make those if you want to use water in them. =)

1 comment:

  1. Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!! Its auntie Booey! Well first off i am insanely jealous of yall down ther: swimmin pool, hampster, sun, and the gaget used for makin pots i cant remember the name but ive always wanted to do one of those!! that is soooo cool!! Life in Washington is the same... RAIN! The only thing that allows us Whashintonians to escape from the dreariness of this weather is one of three options:
    1)get a full time job
    2)watch a movie or read a book
    Elle you are doing so well on the violin!! oh my goodness its ahmazing! :) Christian keep up those 'roars' they are so cute. Sarah thanks soo much for doing this whole blog its soo fun!! you make city life look so awesome i cannot even say. :) Mike, well, you just keep on drillin, its in your name. literaly. :) That swan place looks like somethin out of a movie. love it. Well Merry meryy christmas to all of you and a happy new year!! :D

    love you very much and miss you very much:)
    Auntie Booey XoOxOXxo (if you do not understand the weird sizes in the xoxo's watch nacho libre starring jack black and you will understand after that):)

    {please excuse my spelling it never clicked with me}