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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Open Road!

Elle's new bike! She loves it! She has been riding it in the house (yes, we let her ride her bike IN the house... tisk tisk all you want...=) ) for a couple months and she was so excited to take it out to the street! She has her braking down, can stear and manouver like a champ (which I attribute to allowing her to ride inside where she has to make it around furniture, toys and her little brother). I love country roads!
Off roading on the driveway...
Last night we went to a friends house and their little girl had just gotten a new bike... not just any bike... a PRINCESS bike... complete with PINK everything, but most importantly STREAMERS off the handle bars...oooooo....aaawwwww..... We got Elle's bike thinking of Christian being able to ride it after her (man, we're cheap) and so wanted to get a boys theme bike..... let's just say, I am searching the closets for ribbons...... yes, to tie around the handle bars....to make HER bike a "princess bike"! =)

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  1. I know how you feel! We did the same thing! When Kobi was 3 his aunt and uncle got them bikes, Kobi's was pretty big for him so he could grow into it. So.. He rode Morgans for about a year! all PINK with flowers!! Now Morgan rides a total boy bike! ;) nothing wrong with it right!! The minds of thrifty parents!! I talk about my parents doing that to me!! ahha! At least you baught her a girls helmet! ;)