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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1

Packed 5 more boxes and 6 garbage bags, planted 2 cherry trees, dismantled and stored the trampoline, the hammock, and the lounge chair, moved 2 cast iron bath tubs, a pile of 2 man rocks and some lumber, found a home for Oliver for the next 18 months (thank you uncle Lee and aunt Linda!), sold 3 chickens, about 100 lbs of beef and all our cloth diapers (still pending payment). Got materials at home depot for finishing bridge over creek and snak food for Michael's drive. Helped Michael pack and get his truck fixed ($800 later...) and saw him off this evening. We got a couple hours of "family time" in before he had to leave which was nice. Not too bad... but this weekend is when we really get serious... I'm calling in the "big guns".... my family.... my parents raised incredible workers (if I do say so myself) and both brothers are coming to help and my parents and a friend as well...

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  1. Wow, girl - you are amazing! I love your upbeat attitude and enthusiasm for a challenge. Happy packing! :)