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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Country Mouse moves to the City

WOW! So shocking news came today... we are moving to Florida for a year and a half... Miami, Florida!! It doesn't get more different from our little farm and more further accross teh country than that! My husbands work got a HUGE job over there and so off we go! What an adventure! I can't say I have ever wanted to live in Florida, I actually hate city living, but it is SUNNY there! And after the "summer" we have had, sunshine will be wonderful. We only found this out today and my husband leaves tomorrow... so I am left to COMPLETELY move everything out of our house (that we JUST moved in to a year ago), arrange the rental of the house, button up things at our other rental, take care of my real estate deals, figure out what to do with my new T-shirt company and all that inventory, sell the chickens, sell a truck, prepare the garden to not be touched for 2 years, pack what we'll take, move our banking, utility company stuff, etc... all in just a couple weeks time and with 2 kids in tow! HA! This is actually the type of stuff I live for! I love a challenge. There is so much that goes in to moving, let alone accross country, and all the renting arrangements on top of it. At this point, I plan to be leaving on the 19th of October, driving with the kids accross country... 50+hours of driving! So I have less than 2 weeks to get it all done... we'll see...
Anyone need/want any warm clothes 18-24 month or 3-4T, let me know! I am also going to go through a lot of toys and food. Frozen beef anyone!? I also have a large TV, a wine cabinet, wooden rocking chair and book shelf I plan on selling for CHEAP. Let me know if you are interested! I am also going to try and sell all my Bum Genius 3.0 Cloth diapers as it will not be feasible for me to do those down there in the condo. I will try and upload photo's of those items soon.


  1. Wow That is a BIG adventure! You have truly inspired me with your great attitude. We, in fact, are also moving, however, our move is just across town and I have done some complaining. No more! Only positive words from me! Let us know how the big move goes. If you happen to drive through southern California on your way out feel free to stop by :)

  2. oh wow!! that will be so different then what you are used to but so fun!!! Luke has actually been working in TX for the last 6 months! long story but we ended up not moving there! good luck with all of the moving!