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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

chicken update

Okay... so the chickens I was thinking of doing... it turns out they take 4 months instead of 8-10 weeks... so we are looking to do Cornish Roasters instead. (the feed costs for 4 months would just be way too much, especially for our first time and so many birds) So here's what the Murray Mc Murray catalog says about the Cornish Roasters.
 "We sell them straight run only {meaning they are not sexed-we could get males and/or females} and recommend that you butcher the females as fryers and save the males as roasters. Fryers reach a dressed weight of 3-4 pounds in 8-9 weeks and the roasters will reach dressed weight of 8-9 lbs at 12 weeks, making them a mouth watering sight on Mom's kitchen table. "
Sooo... yikes, that means I have to really know what I am doing when I have help, because it looks like I'll have to do the Roasters (males) a couple weeks later on my own... So I had priced the $20 based on feed for 10 weeks... so let's say $14 for the fryers that will be 3-4 lbs and $25 for the Roasters? Tough part is, I won't know what we have until we have them and they've grown enough to show if they are male or female... so let me know what you'd prefer and if you are okay with either or not. (we can adjust what we will keep based on what is left)
Also...!!!! If you are interested in helping with the butchering let me know! =)

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  1. We would like to try two roasters... we are totally flexible though! I am really interested in the butchering... can we can work it around soccer : )!