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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forth of July in Gearhart, OR

We went to Gearhart Oregon with friends for the 4th weekend. Elle showed off her expert kite flying skills, made sand castles, ate YUMMY pastries from the bakery, walked the beach, waded (Michael swam) in the ocean and went to this parade....The parade was great, super cheesy, just a fire truck and a bunch of locals (AKA: super rich people with $300 jeans and $800 strollers) dressed in red, white and blue. Elle loved it because so many people threw candy... it was funny though because half the time she had to fight for what was thrown in front of her with the other kids that we IN the parade! =) They would walk behind the people throwing candy and race to grab it before the kids watching could get it! hahaha! candy makes kids...and adults like myself.... do funny things! =)
What great wigs! This was the start of the parade...SO LOUD!Here's Cooper (My friend's darling little one) sound asleep on the beach while his daddy...
hunts for crabs!This one was a girl... you have to thrown the girls back, you can only keep the boys to cook up!
Here is Michael with both the kids. Elle LOVES riding in that pack!
Here's Liesl and Nate... notice their step...could they be any more in sync!? LOVE you guys! We had so much fun at the beach with you!

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  1. AWWW you are so sweet! we love you guys too-had such a great time!