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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back From Lake Roosevelt!

Just got back into town from Lake Roosevelt (Eastern WA). We stayed with my family at Michael's Aunt and Uncle's "cabin" (WAY nicer than our "house"). So much fun! My parents brought their boat, we went wake boarding, skiing, tubing and swimming all day and played games and had "puppet shows" by night.... yes, after the children went to bed, we were caught (my mother mostly) unable to resist playing with their puppets and making them sing and dance! Laughter that results in tears is always good! =) More pictures later, my mom is on top of the photo op's so I don't even bother much when she's there. We returned to safe chickens (and LOTS of eggs!) thanks to our friend and tenant Natalie who let them out and closed them in daily and filled their water for us, a hungry cat in need of much attention, a fluffy dog thanks to Michael's parents who must have bathed him for our return, and oops.... I forgot to check on the rabbit... sure she's fine! =)
As much fun as we had I am so glad to be home and so are the kids. Every time I leave this place (and especially when it envolves getting stuck in traffic and a screaming baby for hours on end) I am deeply reminded as to why I never like to go anywhere! I love it here. Never leaving again.... well... we are going camping next weekend....darn... okay, after that.... =)

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