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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elle's Imaginary Friend

My 3 year old (nearly 4) has an imaginary friend... or two... Before we came to Florida this was the friend she talked about raccoons with, the friend she had "circle time" with and taught how to do things like sit quiet, write her letters or clean her room, etc...
There were a few times it got a little confusing when Elle actually BECAME the imaginary friend who had an imaginary friend named "Elle"... (did you catch that?) Yes, when I would speak to my daughter, "Elle, what do you want for lunch?" She would say- "no, no mom, I am NOT Elle, I am Tootsie (or whatever the pretend name was for the day), thhhaaaaat's Elle." (with a point to the blank space beside her). "oh, I see" I would say...
Well, now... Elle's friends and dolls speak "Spanish" and she interprets for them... it is histerical! She'll throw and "uno" or a "dose" or "dainata" in the string of absolute jiberish and it's "spanish". Too funny... she LOVES to correct me when I pretend to "understand" what they are asking for... who knew the world of imaginary friends was so confusing?! I really hope we meet some families here soon so she can have some REAL friends. =)

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