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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spanish lesson

We just got back from the condo gym (basically a place to get out of our unit and the kids can run around, no one is ever in there and the kids LOVE the space to run). We have been working on Spanish since we've been here and Elle is learning quite a few words. Watching Dora the Explorer has been a great way of learning some words as well. At the gym Elle was pretending to be Dora and she had Christian being Boots (Dora's little monkey friend). She kept saying I was "gorilla"... I couldn't recall any episode with a gorilla... but I went along with it... She was pretending to take care of me because I was "sick" and was bringing me "soup" (in the form of a large exercise ball) she kept calling me "gorilla" I then recalled the episode where Dora takes her grandma soup because she is sick. And then it hit me... Abuela is the Spanish word for "grandma"!! HA! Abuela sounds like "gorilla"! Love it! Maybe we are not making as much progress as I thought... =)

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