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Thursday, August 18, 2011

September projects

Anyone who is interested, let me know... I am planning to do the following projects in September and would love for anyone who wants to, to join me.
Make Blackberry Jam
Make butter for the winter (to store in the freezer) from raw jersey milk.
Try out my homemade hand crank ice cream maker
Make a LARGE batch of homemade noodles.

Let me know asap if you want to be a part!


  1. how do you make your jam...or more specifically, what's in it? :)

    i'd be interested in making ice cream and noodles...but what do you mean by "large" ;) ??? i've never made noodles before, but have always wanted to.

    let's get together soon regardless!

  2. I'm interested in hearing about your butter making... do you buy the raw cream, or just skim the cream off whole milk? And noodles - that sounds like fun too!