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Monday, February 20, 2012

The weekend at Steven's Pass

Unfortunately I don't have any photo's. (I hope to get some from my mom as she took all the photo's over the weekend). But in an effort to track what goes on in our little world for my kids to look back on... I wanted to get this down.
We had an amazing weekend up at Steven's Pass. In about 36 hours it snowed 3 (yes THREE) FEET! It was so beautiful. The kids had so much fun sledding, we went skiing/snowboarding, and snow tubing... which is now by far my favorite "sledding" option. We drooled over all of the snow mobilers and all vowed to rent those next year. The powder was incredible. My younger brother and I even jumped out of the 3rd story window! We thought we might (and I secretly hoped) sink completly under the snow and have to tunnel our way out, but low, we only sunk a few feet. So fun though!
One of the neighboring places set off fireworks (huge ones, like at shows) and I have to say that was AMAZING. I have never seen fireworks in the snow before and it was so beautiful. All of the colors reflecting off the snow, twinkling everywhere... it was remarkable.
The kids did great. Elle really came in to her own with the sledding, was happy to go down by herself, she was ready to jump out the window with us, but I wasn't sure enough that she could jump out far enough to avoid the slop into the house- but still proud she was eager to go for it. She jumped at the opportunity to ride with me down a rediculously steep hill off the side of the road. (I know, I know, some moms are proud when their kids stay clean and avoid dangers- I am proud when they want to be adventuresome and fearless.) =)


  1. Great stories, this is the perfect time of year to outside and enjoy the winter!! I felt a tiny tiny bit guilty giving Annie (18mo.) a big push down the hill on the sled=)

    On a different topic...have you candles before? I am looking for a budget friendly recipe

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