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Monday, June 4, 2012

Yes, we're still here!

So I haven't blogged for quite some time. I find that I really don't have my camera with me much lately and I know posts without pictures aren't as "readable". My hands have been super full with all things "spring" and typing time has been limited... But I am finding that I am mostly using this blog as to document our life for my kids and so I should keep it up more regularly so there aren't gaps in their lives that they miss out on later in life when they read through our little adventures. So with that stated, I will vow to post more regularly- even if I don't have photo's. =)

Cute story of the day... We are in the car on the way to the bank... Elle tells me that when Grammie (Michael's mom) had them the other day, she too had to go to the bank and she had to go to TWO banks. Elle says, "She kept trying to get us a candy or a sticker everywhere we went... and I kept thinking I've had enough treats!" So I laugh and tell Elle "you can just tell Grammie that you want to be healthy and not have anymore sweets." Elle says "Grammie needs to teach me that I can be happy without treats." I tell her that Grammie doesn't need to teach her that, she knows that, I have taught her that. And she agrees and then says "Grammie is just too sweet, her mama didn't give her enough spankings." HA! =)

Memoriable story of the day.... I hit a deer.... on a run... I came around a corner just before Priest Point Park- the grass and bushes are really overgrown right now along the sidewalk. It all happened really fast, but I came around and there was the deer, I startled her and she jolted in front of me and I couldn't stop fast enough and ran into her with my arm to her hind quarter as she turned and jumped into the bushes. It was so incredibly startling! But quite amazing really.

Benchmarks of note: Christian is potty trained! (two weeks now) Hip Hip Hooray! He still wears a diaper at night, but even makes it for his naps fine in underwear. I am SO glad! Elle has lost two lower teeth and just learned to play hop scotch and helped Michael change the brake pads on his truck yesturday.

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