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Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Trip 2012

My mom's cousin, Michael McGoldrick, celebrated his 75th birthday this June. I got to know him well when I went to school in Colorado so when we were invited down to Colorado for the big celebration, we were happy to make the trip! The kids once again did AMAZING for the 20 hour car ride, especially since it was a quick trip. Basically 3 days of driving for 2 days of fun. There were terrible forest fires in many parts of Colorado and when we made this trip, many were actually leaving due to the fires, but we were were going to an area not affected. Although I will say I have never seen it so dry there so early in the year. Even the drive through Utah, Wyoming and northern Colorado was much more barren than I recall from my previous drives to and from school. There was a strict no open flame law in effect. They couldn't even burn tiki tourches or candels.

Elle is drawing our tent and a tree.

The girls getting ready to unviel a statue Michael got for his birthday.

"Coronal Ram"

Elle's new friend McKenzie

Michael and statue made of bronze

Our little river explorers! This trout stream is lower than it has been in 400 years! The kids had SO much fun playing it! Elle was always leading to forge it and would have stayed there all day if we let her.

Elle, McKenzie and her mom Summer

We took a little hike up behind Michael's home. Because McKenzie was the only other kid there, we spent a lot of time with her and her parents. So much fun- we saw a fawn on this little hike. 

Here's the hiking group! (minus me of course, taking the photo!)

Elle watching the steal drums band

Blue grass band the last night. The set up was amazing. Such a beautiful property in the mountains.


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