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Friday, April 16, 2010

The indoor adventures of the chick-a dee-dee-dee...

A chick-a-dee flew into our house this afternoon. Here is where I first spotted it... My seedlings aren't even safe inside the house! (Something ate the leaves off my cantelope starts in the green house too!=(  )
Then it made it to the window sill...
Then the window on the other side of the room... poor guy just kept banging into the glass...He really doesn't need much to hang on to! This is taken from below the bird.
Next to our light in the front entry... at this point I have all the windows and doors open and Elle is cheering for the "chick-a -dee-dee-dee" (that's what she calls them) to get outside "before he poops in here"! (atta girl!) He ended up going from here to the overhead window above our front door where I had to actually scoop it up and let it out the door... I tried to take a freedom shot, but it was too far away! =)

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