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Friday, April 16, 2010

Window seat, treasure chest, bookshelf, table and...napping cove?

I love my new "everything box"! My dad is awesome, I drew him some plans and he made this for us! Since we went with the open floor plan to best utilize the beams Michael got from work I have no where downstairs to really "hide" the mess when people come over. We always have families over that have kids and I wanted a spot for them to be able to sit and eat near us (this is in our dining room). I am a sucker for window seats (I plan to sew a cushion for this beast of a box). And this is a south facing window so I thought it'd be great to put my seed start trays on for the next few weeks. It turned out great! I LOVE it!

Peek-A-Boo! "Mess storage"!
I hadn't perdicted that it would double as a play room, or...get this.... a "napping cove"! Yes, Elle, our little sleep fighter, LOVES to take naps in here! She has taken 3 so far. The poor sugar can't even lay flat, but she doesn't care, she has successfully slept over an hour in here! Who knew!?

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  1. That furniture creation is fanstastic! Cute kids! :-)