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Monday, May 10, 2010

Accidental Chicken Integration

We accidently integrated the pullets (sort of like teenage chickens) with the full grown chickens this weekend. (ie: the door fell off! Yet another repair project...) It was a major concern at first because the bigger chickens will literally try and peck the littler ones to death. It worked out okay though, I think because 1. the pullets haven't had their wings clipped yet and can fly. 2. there are 26 pullets and only 13 hens. and 3. they have the whole yard to roam and have their own space... it seems to be a much bigger problem when they are confined in an area or chicken house when the integration occurs.
It was clear to see that there is one Road Island Red hen that is the "rule of the roost", she immediately sough out each of those pullets to show them who was boss and they all learned well to stay out of her way IMMEDIATELY.. Now they are all happily getting to be outside together, which makes my job SO much easier... I was having to let one group out for the first part of the day and then round them all up and let the second group out for the last part of the day...

The lighting in these pic's sort of makes them look old fashioned... I like it...

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