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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have a teenager...

Elle (standing at the TV): "Mama, can I watch a movie?"
Me (sitting in chair with laptop, emailing): "Sure, just a second."
Elle: "sigh... I just reeaaallllly want someone to watch a movie with me."
Me: "I'm almost done, just a minute."
Elle: (very audible sigh, now with a movie picked out in hand) "I just REALLLLY want to watch this movie"
Me: (with a bit of agitation in voice) "Elle, I said you could, just wait a minute..."
Elle: (with back turned to me, under her breath...) "Okay....stop freaking out..."

ARGHHHH!!!! She is barely THREE years old! =) Maybe she is just getting this out of the way early and when she's a teenager she'll be super respectful and agreeable.... =)

1 comment:

  1. gotta love that!!! Lets go with she is getting it out of the way early! :) haha! I am always hoping for the same thing! she sounds like such a funny little girl! I for sure what our kids too meet too!!!