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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Seed...

Here are my Tomato starts! These are the cherry tomato's. I just planted about 6 of them in the garden last weekend to see how they adjust before setting them all out.

Basil... I have never grown Basil before but really want to can speghetti sauce this year from my own stuff, so I am trying it out.

The tall one is a Brandywine Tomato and the others are cabbage, brocolii and cawliflower. I have had to re-start so many things since I lost about 50-60 starts to what I believe was a mouse that chomped the leaves off or dug out the dirt. They particularly liked the cantelope... every time the two leaves appear, within 24 hours, they are gone! UGG... I need to set traps. They must know they are save from the chickens and cat in there (yes, chickens will eat mice... I didn't know that either... but I've seen it!). I have also read that peppermint deters mice, so I have planted some which will take over that area around the green house by next year and hopefully the mice won't be a problem then. Any other ideas???

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