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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Graduation Brooke!

Just darling! Brooke's mom-amazing! She organized this whole party for her daughter... it was so creative, relaxed, fun, good food, great set up on memories/stories about Brooke, an incredible water front park-so nice for keeping the kids entertained...Just such a welcoming, heart warming get together.
 So serious... what a cutie! This is Betsy and her little one, Justice. She's incredible... a true pioneer woman! Growing up I always envied her families similarity's to Little House on the Prairie. They had such a real sense of fun and adventure and learning experiances. Her children are so well manored and a delight. Elle loved playing with them at this event.
Here's my little man in the swing. Sandbox, Elle with Betsy's kids Jesse and Emma. Here's the guest of honor, Brooke, playing volleyball... I regret that I didn't get a more formal photo of her, but this is her in action! She is as sweet as they come, with a heart of gold.(Not to mention an incredible baker-YUM!) I was so glad we could make it to this event. So many people were there that I hadn't seen in ages and it really warmed my heart to get to catch up a bit... they are all a breath of fresh air. The joys of growing up in a small town.... years later you can go to an event of someone you didn't know when you were younger, but you end up knowing everyone they know when you're older. Happy Graduation Brooke... may you walk confidently, joyfully and gracefully into all that is ahead.

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