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Friday, June 25, 2010

Here's what's grow'n!

Apples are starting to appear!BasilThese are the pole beans. To the left are the potatoes, to the right are some cucumber plants, corn and sunflowers
Blueberries! Yumm...Brocolli, we have already gotten to eat some of this. SO good!
Butternut SquashCabbage Carrots Corn- does NOT look like it is going to be "knee high by the forth of July"! We had sun for about 2 days and you could seriously see it growing! It grew over an inch in those 2 days...but clouds again today...  (Raspberries in background)
Lettuce-yes, it is suppose to be speckeled! Heirloom variety
More lettuce (and some weeds!)Peas- we have eaten about a handful of these, it is crazy how late they are this year... we need SUN!
Remember the branch trelises I made!? here they are with the peas growing all over them. I planted the peas in staggered time frames so they wouldn't all be ready at once, so some are further along than others.
Potatoes galore! We eat a lot of potatoes! There are a couple brocolli plants in there which are doing AMAZING! I read that they are good "companion plants"... this proves it for me! Also, with potatoes, you can keep mounding over the plants and burry them until about 1/3 is above ground, they will keep growing and you'll get tons more potatoes for your space. Mine are due to be mounded...
I put a lot of these plants in these containers mainly because I didn't lable them when I planted the seeds and I am not completely sure which are tomatoes and which are peppers! I am just now being able to tell the difference, so they will find a home in the garden plot soon.
Pie pumpkinStrawberries (and fushia plant)Elle wanted to take a picture of her "tractor" amongst the corn and pumpkins. Pretty good shot! =)

Well, there you have it! Everything grown from seed (other than the berries).

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  1. I am so glad that you posted these! Inspiration! One of the tomato plants you gave me already has fruit!